What is the Mission of the Cross-Bay Ferry?

The mission of the Cross-Bay Ferry is to introduce Tampa Bay area residents and visitors to water transit service and passenger ferry technology.  Additionally, the viability of such service is to be analyzed.

What type of ferry is it?

The ferry is a twin-hull aluminum catamaran that provides a stable and comfortable ride.

What is the name of the ferry?

Provincetown IV

How large is the ferry?

The vessel is 98 feet long and 33 feet wide. The ferry is a dual-hull catamaran design that provides for comfort and stability.

How many guests can the ferry carry?

The ferry is certified to carry a maximum of 149 guests with ample interior and exterior seating.

What is the operating speed of the ferry?

The ferry can comfortably cruise at 29 knots, (33mph), but the actual operating speed will vary.

Who inspects and certifies the ferry?

The ferry is inspected and certified by the United States Coast Guard.

Where was the ferry manufactured?

The ferry was proudly manufactured in the United States – in Somerset, MA.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes, there are facilities for bicycle storage on the ferry. Guests must be able to handle their own bicycles; crew members cannot assist with the loading and unloading of bicycles.  A maximum of 36 bicycles can be carried. [The additional cost for bicycles is $1.00 one way]

Can the ferry accommodate guests with disabilities?

Yes, reasonable accommodations can be made for guests with disabilities.  The vessel is laid out in a manner that supports ADA needs. Please contact our Guest Services department for additional information.

Can strollers be taken on board?

Yes, strollers are easily accommodated and there is no additional fee.

Is there food service on the vessel? What amenities are offered?

Yes, there is food service.  Coffee, tea, soft drinks, water and other beverages are available.  There is also limited food service.  Food service is revised and enhanced as guest tastes warrant

Are there restrooms on the vessels?

Yes, the ferry is equipped with two “heads” (restrooms) on the main deck. One restroom supports ADA use.

Is smoking allowed on the ferry?

 No, there is no smoking on the ferry in any location at any time.

Is there outdoor seating?

Yes, the vessel is equipped with ample outside seating on the main and upper decks.

How long does it take to disembark all guests?

Five minutes is allowed to unload the vessel and another five minutes to load.  A total of 30 minutes is normally provided to “turn” the vessel which allows additional time to handle luggage and prepare the vessel for the next departure.

Is luggage allowed on the ferry?

Yes, two (2) hand-carry items (e.g. suit cases) and one (1) small personal item (e.g. purse or lap top) may be carried on board at no additional charge – provided:

  • The guest can carry on the items (in a single trip) and
  • The carry-on items are commercial luggage (duffle bag, backpack, suitcase)

What are examples of items that cannot be carried on?

Examples of items that cannot be carried on include (but are not limited to):

  • Coolers
  • Fish boxes
  • Trash bags
  • Dive tanks
  • Bee hives

Where is the carry-on luggage stored?

Carry-on luggage is stowed in protected luggage areas on the main and upper decks.  Guests may keep small personal items (e.g. purse, lap-top, small back pack) with them, but for safety reasons all other luggage must be kept in the storage areas.

What about firearms?

Firearms cannot be carried on board the vessel, except by law-enforcement personnel that are on duty or as otherwise permitted by state law.

What if I have hazardous materials?

Under no circumstance may any hazardous materials be brought onto the ferry as, or within, carry-on items.

Is WiFi access available?

No, there is no WiFi service on the ferry.  However, individuals may use personal hot spots or other methods to connect to the internet.

Can laptop computers be charged on board?

The ferry has limited A/C receptacles on board.  Access to these is available on a first-come, first serve basis, and is limited by one’s seat location on the ferry.

Where will the ferry dock at night?

The ferry will Home Port and overnight St. Petersburg.

How long does the Pilot Project run?

The Pilot Project runs from November 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017.  The ferry will operate seven days a week except for Holidays.  Please check the schedule on our website for the latest information.

What are the sailing times?

 Since this is a Pilot Project, the schedule is subject to adjustment so please check our website for the latest information.  Generally, the schedule will be as follows.


Monday – Thursday (2 roundtrips)


St Pete Departure     7:00 am
  Tampa Departure   9:30 am
St Pete Departure     3:00 pm
  Tampa Departure   5:15 pm


Friday (2 roundtrips)


St Pete Departure     5:15 pm
  Tampa Departure   6:30 pm
St Pete Departure     9:15 pm
  Tampa Departure 10:30 pm


Saturday (3 roundtrips)


St Pete Departure     2:30 pm
  Tampa Departure   4:00 pm
St Pete Departure     5:15 pm
  Tampa Departure   6:30 pm
St Pete Departure     9:15 pm
  Tampa Departure 10:30 pm


Sunday (2 roundtrips)


St Pete Departure   11:00 am
  Tampa Departure 12:30 pm
St Pete Departure     5:30 pm
  Tampa Departure   7:00 pm

How long does the transit take?

The regular crossing time is scheduled at approximately 50 minutes.  Weather and traffic conditions can impact the transit time.

Are Children allowed on the ferry without adult supervision?

 A person must be 15 or older to ride the ferry on their own.  Children ages 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  Valid I.D. is required.

Can you ride the ferry roundtrip?

Yes, all guests will be asked to exit upon arrival, so that the crew can clean the vessel. Returning guests will line up and board the vessel on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are additional sailing times planned?

Adjustments to the operating schedule are anticipated during the Pilot Project.  Please check our website for the latest information.

What landing sites are being used?

In St Pete the landing site is in the North Yacht basin, adjacent to the Vinoy and St. Petersburg Museum of History.  In Tampa the landing site is adjacent to the Tampa Convention Center.

Is there service on the weekends?

Yes, service is provided seven days a week, except Holidays.   Please check the schedule on our website for the latest information.

Will there be reserved seats?

No, but a passenger can make a reservation and purchase a ticket for a specific sailing time on a specific date.

How many ferries will serve the route?

There is one vessel that will serve the route during the Pilot Project.

Can the ferry be booked for special events?

The ferry may be available for some special events.  Please contact our Guest Services department and watch our website for information.

Are Groups Allowed?

Yes, you can purchase up to 100 one-way tickets at a time through the website, for any regularly scheduled service trip.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards

Where can tickets be purchased?

Single use tickets can be purchased online, at the terminals on the boat or via your mobile device.


One-Way fares


Adult fare                                                $10.00

Youth fare                                              $  8.00

Ages 3 through 12.  Must be accompanied by an adult.  Proof of age and/or student I.D. may be required.



Children under three (3) years           Free

Must be accompanied by an adult.


Is there parking at the St. Pete landing site?

Yes, there is ample parking adjacent to the ferry landing site at the North Yacht Basin by the Vinoy.

From the North: Take I-275 South to Exit 23 (I-375 East) which is a left lane exit.  Interstate signs will show Sundial and The Pier.  I-375 becomes 4th Avenue North. Turn right onto 1st Street North, turn left on 2nd Avenue NE and continue straight past Bayshore Drive NE. The Beach Drive Lot is a large lot and it will be on your left just past the St. Petersburg Museum of History.

From the South: Take I-275 North to Exit 22 (East toward Tropicana Field). I-175 East becomes Dali Boulevard/5th Avenue South. Turn left onto 3rd Street South, turn right onto 2nd Avenue N and continue straight past Bayshore Drive NE. The Beach Drive Lot is a large lot and it will be on your left just past the St. Petersburg Museum of History.

Is there parking at the Tampa Convention Center?

Yes, there is ample paid parking near the Tampa Convention Center.

What is Test the Waters?

Test the Waters is an introductory period at the beginning of the project where prospective ferry users will be introduced to various features and attributes of ferry service in general and the Pilot Project in specific. Please check the schedule on our website for the latest information.